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Nursing Jobs in Switzerland

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General Educational Requirements and Professional Conditions for Nurses in Switzerland

Switzerland has a considerable shortage of nurses and other health care professionals. But there is an almost absolute requirement that an applicant speaks one of the national languages (German, French or Italian). The sites below are almost all in German, some have a French Language option. As a consequence of similarity in the nurses education system, which is basically an apprenticeship and not a University level course, and also because of commonality of language, Germany has been the largest supplier of foreign nurses to Switzerland.

Foreign nurses have to have their credentials checked and accepted by the Swiss Red Cross (the English Language Page - it is not easy to navigate) which can take several months. The costs of this certification is SFr 480.00 (about US$ 400 - end 2004).The prospective nurse can obtain an evaluation of her credentials, prior to starting a jobs in Switzerland. In general, nurses from Anglo-Saxon countries should not have any problems with their certification.

If an applicant is required to do some additional courses she/he is usually given a initial job as an auxiliary (obviously at lower pay!). The essential element in getting certified in Switzerland is the ability to speak one of the national languages (German, French, Italian).

All certificates or employment records, such as references submitted for evaluation and for obtaining the credentials have to be in either German, French, Italian or English. The SBK-ASI also recommends foreign, non-German speaking, nurses to follow a course familiarizing themselves with the Cultural differences that exist between their country of origin and those of Switzerland. For more details on all these points, you can contact the place below on the left:


Choisystrasse 1,
Postfach 8124, 3001 Bern
Ph: 41 31 388 36 36         
Fx: 41 31 388 36 35
Centre for Continuous Education (German Language)

Dienerstrasse 59
8004 Zürich
Tel. 01 297 90 70

Centre for Continuous Education (French Language)
Centre romand d’éducation permanente
chemin de Maillefer 37
1052 Mont-sur-Lausanne
Tél. 021 646 58 38

The SBK also runs two continuing education centers, one in the German speaking part and one in the French speaking part. The addresses are shown above.

Switzerland has a very large and reasonably efficient state health service, where the major hospitals are run by the individual cantons (or states). They are also often attached to Universities (which in turn are also state run). In addition, there is also a state run system of care for the elderly, running resident homes in almost every community all over Switzerland. But, besides these extensive state health services and old age care networks, there is a very large and thriving sector of the privately owned hospitals and care facilities which accepts patients from all over the world.


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Recruiters and Nursing Agencies

The primary language of all the sites below is German. Some of them have French language options, but surprisingly few have English language options, even though Switzerland's hospitals are full of foreign clients speaking English

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
(Nurses and Care Giver recruitment)
Lindenhofstrasse 3   CH-8001 Zürich
Ph: 41 1 211 18 14   Fx: 41 1 212 29 12  

Resume Posting Job Searches; Vacancy Posting; Switzerland.
German, French, Italian
Your resume submission will only remain on the site for four weeks, then it will be automatically removed
stellen-medical.ch Resume Posting Job Searches; Vacancy Posting; Switzerland.
German, French, Italian
Job Market for the Health and Medical Industry in Switzerland
Hirslanden Group
Zollikerstrasse 164
8008 Zurich
Ph +41-1-388 85 85
Fx +41-1-388 85 88
To find the jobs, you will have to go to the individual clinics - There is an English Application form Switzerland.
German, French, Italian, English
A group of clinics based in Zurich, Lausanne and Bern.Seven leading service centers offering advanced medical care have joined together
pflege.ch This is a portal site for nursing and medical care positions which includes a Job Site Switzerland.
German, French, Italian
Portal site with Job Market for the Health and Medical Industry in Switzerland
Ph:+41 41 340 8000
Fx:+41 41 340 8001
Resume Posting Job Searches; Vacancy Posting; Switzerland.
German, French, Italian
Job Market for the Health and Medical Industry in Switzerland

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Swiss Advice and Information Service for the Health Industry
Schweizerische Beratungs- und Vermittlungsstelle für das Gesundheitswesen AG
Schaffhauserstrasse 21
CH-8042 Zürich
For Jobs click here
Resume Posting Job Searches; Vacancy Posting; Switzerland, German, French. English This site will give advice on the general employment framework for health care professionals within Switzerland, salaries social insurance, working hours etc. Unfortunately, it is only in German
Swiss-medical This is an on-line job site with resume posting, vacancy posting and job searches. But it is difficult to negotiate for the non German speaker Switzerland, German, French, English To post a resume you have to go to "Stellengesuche" (Situations wanted) and to do a Job Search go to "Stellenangebote" (Job Offers) unfortunately only in German!

Healthcare Section

Resume Posting, vacancy Posting, Job Searches, Go to "Schnellsuche" and then to "Gesundheitswesen" for health care jobs Switzerland, German, French, English This is a general on-line job site, but has a specialist healthcare section ("Gesundheitswesen")
Pharmastellen.ch Resume Posting, Vacancy Posting and job searches Switzerland, mainly German, French, English For Pharmacologists and related jobs
medguide.ch This is not an actual nurses job site, but a list of all doctors in Switzerland, who have a web presence Switzerland, mainly German, French, List of doctors

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Salaries and Benefits

A large part of the Swiss Hospitals are run by the Canton's, that is the individual States. They each have quite restricted salary scales which leave little room for reflecting nurses shortages within specific specialties. Some of the private hospitals offer slightly higher salaries, but by and large the figures shown below are the average. The Cantons of Zurich and Geneva pay slightly higher salaries, while Aargau, despite its proximity to Zurich, pays some of the lowest salaries.

The pay for a staff nurse ranges from SFr 52,000 to SFr 65,600 (end 2004 currently about US$44,500 to US$ 55,500) per year. Employees offering specialties get paid more. Nurses work generally 42 hours per week. There are night shift, weekend and overtime payments which are about 20% higher than the standard hourly rate. Because of the shortage of nurses, there is a good opportunity for overtime. There are also opportunities for time in lieu and in general employers offer three weeks of paid vacations annually. Health Insurance is as a rule not covered by the employer, but it is easily available and by international comparison (except when you come from a country with a National Health Service!) relatively cheap. Some employers offer subsidized housing and restaurant services for staff.

The working environment in Swiss hospitals, especially the relationship between doctors and nurses, is said to be correct but cool. If anyone has personal experience, please send us an e-mail and we will add your comments on this page. Modern management methods, and especially methods of personnel management, appear, from some reports, still to be a kind of mystery for many Swiss hospitals and clinics. But, please write, if you have personal experiences and we will add your comments on that point as well!

There is currently a nursing manpower shortage of about ten percent and a large number of planned positions are not being filled. This figure also varies widely across the country. Foreign nurses amount to approximately 26 % of all nursing staff employed. The requirement of knowledge of a national language and similarities in education and training make German nurses the largest foreign contingent in Switzerland followed by the British.


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