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This Price List is for individuals who are looking for a nursing job and who would like to post their résumé (Curriculum Vitae) and personal details for a period of 120 days on the Internet. Individuals will be identified by their e-mail address only. Any inquiry would be made directly to the advertiser. If replies are received to the nursesnet.org address, they will be forward to the person posting the résumé The posting on the Internet is done within 48 hours after the résumé detail has been accepted by e-mail here after payment. All payments are on a Secure Server

The cost for posting a Résumé is as follows:

Individual Person posting résumé for 12060 days US $ 29.50
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Once you have completed the Credit Card transaction on our secure server, you will be given an order number. You can then submit your Resume by e-mail here, giving your order number in the subject line of the e-mail. When submission is completed and the resume is posted, you will receive a confirmation giving the web address of the resumes by e-mail.

Editing your Resume

Editing your own Resume and Cover Letter submitted by e-mail to improve its overall effectiveness (you submit your data and we will return an edited version to your by e-mail within 24 hours)

Please supply your resume and cover letter data here.

US$ 59.00

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